About Us

Heartland Diversity & Compliance Consulting

Our training programs and delivery systems provide programs that deliver the knowledge necessary for employees to understand their role in supporting a DEI workplace.  We recognize that knowledge alone is not enough.  Besides improving knowledge on the value of diversity, equity and inclusion our methodology also includes experiential learning where managers and supervisors are given the opportunity to put the knowledge to practice.  This is the main component in changing workplace behavior to reflect the kind of behavior that is supportive of a diverse workplace.  Our training programs will generate reports for our clients to ensure all employees have completed the required training and have successfully passed the quizzes required for certification.  The programs are available for your onboarding process for new employees or contract employees.  Depending on your contractual agreements with your suppliers, these programs can be available to these stakeholders as well.

Our knowledge-based delivery system provides just in time training via iPads, laptops, iPhones, and Androids.  It allows companies flexibility on how to manage employees completing the training as well as saving companies money and time for employees to complete required training.

The manager/supervisor classroom training will give your management staff training on additional skills sets needed to support and sustain your DEI efforts.  These topics include coaching skills, how to support the behaviors that support diversity, and how to link these desired behaviors to your company’s performance management process.

  • Deere & Co. Retiree
  • Director of Global Diversity
  • Introduced Employee Resource Groups Globally
  • Develop and Implemented Annual Development Conferences
  • Implemented STEM programs for Deere & Co USA
  • Spoke at the UN on Employee Resource Groups for Deere & Co
  • Education:  BA Western Illinois University (Education)

Troy Farley, COO

  • Deere & Co. Retiree
  • HR positions call center management, global EEO manager, and HR compliance
  • Streamlined the corporate Affirmative Action process
  • Lead the African-American Employee Network group by guiding the Mayor’s Project that generated 1 million sales of JD equipment in the first year
  • Managed the global compliance issues
  • Adjunct Profession Western Illinois University – Principles of Affirmative Action, HR in the Legal Environment, and Change Management. Rating 4.86/5.0
  • Education: BA Augustana College & MBA St. Ambrose University
  • NCAAO Membership Chairperson

Paula Taylor, Director Instructional Design

  • JD Harvester Retiree
  • Manager Training & Development – JD Insurance (Property/Casualty Div) product knowledge and sales training
  • Public Relations manager as liaison to corporate Gov. Affairs on state/federal insurance issues
  • Process pro – facilitated cross-functional manufacturing teams responsible for cost reduction results
  • Instructor on a team to deliver Respect vs Harassment to both wage and salaried employees
  • Education: BA Drake University (Secondary Ed) & MA University of Iowa Instructional Design