The Business Case

Why do companies decide to create and implement Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives in their organizations? It is a journey that begins with the decision that a company makes to promote diversity, equity & inclusion as part of their strategic planning process particularly as it affects their internal stakeholders (employees) and external stakeholders: customers, regulators, suppliers, and the communities where they live and conduct their businesses.

See how two major corporations value diversity.

The culture of an organization is its brand. First the whys?


  • Improved retention
  • Employee satisfaction tied to productivity and aligns with customer satisfaction
  • Positive vs. Negative PR
  • Prevention of lawsuits
  • Market penetration and increased market share
  • Supports compliance requirements
  • Diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do and it is becoming a business imperative in today’s global economy


  • 43% of companies offer holidays based on employees religious or cultural situations
  • Racially diverse teams outperform non-diverse ones by 35%
  • *Blind apps and resumes lead to 5X more women hired (*minimizes bias)
  • Bilingual employees earn 10% more revenue
  • Teams where men and women are equal earn 41% more revenue